Small custom-made gifts for birthday parties

Remember the old-fashioned types of birthday parties? Assorted color balloons, a simple sheet cake with birthday candles, streamers and pin the tail on the donkey? Times have changed.

Since birthdays come once a year why not celebrate them with some extra TLC and make them even more memorable with custom-made gifts for party and birthday guests.

Just make sure to give yourself plenty of time before the party and order accordingly if you go the custom-made route.

Birthday parties over the years have become yet another opportunity for the birthday boy or birthday girl's family to keep up with the Joneses by showing off with balloon centerpieces, mobile laser tag, character impersonators, princess spa days, video games, arcades on wheels and other exaggerated birthday themes. 

But this year, since a virtual birthday celebration has become a thing of the past make it a unique day.

Instead of buying the usual happy birthday gifts from the mall and spending tons of money, we say go for custom-made gifts and custom gift cards that will wow your party guests whether they are young or older.

Here are some ideas to make everybody smile who attends the happy birthday party as well as go home with something truly special.

But again, do give yourself plenty of time to order anything custom-made.

Mini Succulents

These live succulents make an elegant party favor for any event and party guests. The 2-inch pots are wrapped in burlap and tied with twine, then topped with moss to hide the soil. It’s a gift that’s sure to grow on your guests and a nice touch especially if you add a gift card.

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Hangover Kit

If your party is a hit for adults who have imbibed on a bottle of wine or two or an adult cocktail treat them with a hangover kit filled with remedies. It’s a fun tongue-in-cheek party favor that will come in handy the next morning. Add a fun gift card and it makes for a terrific gift.

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Gourmet Sea Salt

Almost everyone likes to season their meals with a pinch of salt especially a cook or home chef so give them some gourmet salt as a party favor. Infuse your salt, or grab one of these unique varieties, including bacon bourbon, smoked pecan, and limoncello. This is an elegant gift favor idea for a fun tropical pool party or any adult birthday party.

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S’mores Kit

Who doesn't like this gooey chocolate, toasted marshmallows, and graham cracker treats every summer? Send party guests home from the happy birthday with their own s’mores kit. Wrap up all the best s’mores ingredients in cellophane bags and tie them with twine, or you can even use custom napkins, then add custom labels as a nice touch. 

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Flavored Olive Oil

These mini bottles of organic extra virgin olive oil make great party gifts for party guests at the end of the event. The gourmet olive oil can be infused with rosemary or chosen from a list of other herbs such as oregano, garlic, and chili peppers.


Lavender Sachets

Hosting a spa birthday party for your wife? Party guests will love taking home one of these beautiful cotton sachets, filled with fragrance. Choose to have them filled with dried lavender, dried rose petals, or a mix of both. They’re great for adding a pleasing smell to a dresser drawer and offer a nice touch to any bedroom.

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Cotton Candy

End the birthday party on a sweet note with these mini cotton candy bags for the kiddies who are at the 13th birthday party. First, pick your flavor of choice — wacky watermelon or pina colada — and then complete the party favors with a customizable label and serve with a custom napkin if they want to enjoy during the party.

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Custom Nail File

No need to go to the nail salon. File in style! Full color 7" nail file, great for your next birthday party gift ideas. This customizable nail file has a contour shape for easy use and comes with EVA Pouch for safe storage. Create a keepsake to remember a special occasion like a birthday party. Cost: $10.00. Standard shipping. 

Coaster Printed Ceramic

Great birthday party favors for party guests might be this custom-made coaster that will help keep drinks from destroying hardwood tabletops from a bottle of wine or other spirits with water rings. $8.   

Floral Initial Candle Holder

After playing plenty of fun games present this custom-printed candle holder that features frosted glass and floral embellishment, and makes a nice touch to any room. Also makes for a nice 16th birthday party gift. Has 2” x 2” square dimensions, and it’s designed to fit any tealight candle — and you’ll get one for free when you order online today! Cost: $17.00. Standard shipping. 

Chrome Bottle Opener – Preprinted w/ Design

This round keyring bottle opener can be embellished with your custom preferences to give as party favors and perfect gifts after you have had a round of fun games at the event. Great gifts for those at an 18th birthday party or a 21st birthday party. Cost: $15.00. Standard shipping.

Custom Printed Rectangular Cork Trivet

This rectangular trivet can be embellished with any personal note, photo, or message and make a great birthday party gift or the perfect gift for any occasion.  It’s 11.75” by 7.9.” Standard shipping. Cost:  $21.00. 

Have a Blast

Overall, the best way to make a birthday party or event special is to add personalized birthday party favors and let the birthday celebrant thank guests for their attendance.

No matter what you may be celebrating, customizing gifts and favors will go a long way, as guests will feel special and appreciated.

When it’s time for a birthday celebration complete with fun games,  do it in style and do it with a personalized twist with any of these above gifts and favors.

The birthday celebrant will be happy to give his/her birthday guest these amazing gifts they will love instead of tossing them aside when they get home!