What Kind of Gifts do Men Like?

He's your one and only, your beau, your dad, brother, nephew, or just your best guy pal.

But when it comes time to give him the perfect gift that's fun, unique, and something he will love, well, it might be a challenge.

The first thing to consider when buying the perfect gift for a man is who he is to you. Your relationship is important so do take advantage of that and follow these tips and ideas when deciding on the perfect gift (s).

Daily Stuff

When he first gets wakes up, what does he do? Go for a jog? Beelines it to the coffeemaker? Wishes he had a meal kit delivery service dropping off breakfast? These are things to keep in mind if you want your perfect gift for him to be a useful one. Think about his daily routine and decide how your gift can play a part in it.


Is he a Mr. Fix-It? Eats breathes and plays sports from morning till night. Prefers spending a day on the couch instead with a glass of whiskey or glass of scotch than going outside when he has a day off. Does he take hours making snacks in the Philips Airfryer or wish he even had a Philips Airfyer or any air fryer for that matter.

Whatever he enjoys, give it some thought, and get the perfect gift that will support his many likes and passions.


An emergency room doctor is likely to have different needs than a contractor, right? Tailor a gift to his profession and/or if it can aid him in his daily job or work. Think noise-canceling headphones, slim design, customizable headphones, which can make voice calls with a tap, or any slim design electronic device with quality sound that he can use when on the job as well as when he gets home. Even gadgets and other electronic devices that have a minimalist design or thinner design with clever packing design work for the man in your life.

No More Ties

Whatever he is to you, he surely doesn’t need yet another tie to toss into the back of his closet. Think creatively and go for something personal that supports his interests when he isn't immersed in household chores.


You don't need to go overboard (you can if you want) but it isn’t necessary when gifting your man. Just take the time to make it the ideal gift for him.

If you want to do a D-I-Y or have something customized even better, it will mean more than something generic and/or with a high price tag.

Here are some more personalized gifts from product experts that men like and will be grateful to receive even if he’s a guy who has it all.

Go Personal

Product experts say go ahead and skip the ugly ties, loud-colored sweaters (or a least choose neutral colors), and other boring gifts and opt for more personalized gifts.

For instance, a Swiss army knife is a multi-tool and usually has nine different functions, from a knife blade and bottle opener to a Philips screwdriver. It has everything he needs to survive the Great Outdoors and does simple tasks at home.

Why not upgrade his bar that's already loaded with fruity cocktails and flavorful cocktail mixers with new beer mugs, and wine glasses or search for a beautiful vintage-style decanter and have them monogrammed for personalized gifts?

You’ll always win by gifting merchandise from his favorite sports team like T-shirts, baseball hats, etc., too, or get rid of his everyday terry bathrobe for something more sophisticated like a satin smoking jacket he can wear during game day.

Combine tech and the great outdoors with a smokeless fire pit. He can throw in his favorite kind of wood or charcoal to get a roaring fire without any hassle of smoke or lighter fluid.

If he's a true grill master get him a box of delicious gourmet meats like filet mignon, steak burgers, and other faves covered in garlic herb to toss on the grill and enjoy during game day with his buddies. Or a gift card to his go-to place for meats, and other barbecue-themed items.

How about a padded case that’s classy as well as practical to protect his laptop or his video games device for on the go?

If he's really into movies or video games, get him an improved TV with high HD image quality to watch all his sports on game day.

Don’t forget the Amazon Echo that acts as an assistant with voice and is a high-quality HD image screen. He'll be able to ask the Amazon Echo questions and get answers if you're not around.

And what man doesn’t always need a great pair of socks in a range of colors whether he's headed to the gym or the office? Go for some that are comfy, and stylish as well as customized with his initials.

Personalized photo albums and digital photo frames are also great ideas to store old baby photos, family photos, and other memorable photos.

If he likes keeping things neat go for an exciting gift and something cool and solid like a personalized money clip that’s not too flashy.

Gift him a fragrance that smells earthy like sandalwood which is always an amazing gift to make him smell great before he leaves the house.

A new backpack of his color choice that he can take to work, the gym, use as a weekend bag, or a camping bag are all ideal gifts that will be well received.

A new phone case with a design or personalized logo, a slim design or just a nice leather wallet (that you can slip a baby photo in of him), a range of colors in socks to choose from every day, or a sports team logo will all be welcome gifts.

Slippers may sound boring, but he will love mulling around the house in them as well as a weighted blanket that’s temperature regulated to get cozy.

If he's into yoga a durable mat is another top idea for working out at home in his color choice is a winner.

Buy him a get him an amazing gift that is an all-in-one luxe shaving kit and He'll feel like a king before, during, and after or before he starts his household chores.

More Ideas

A modern take on the classic bonfire burns four to six medium-sized logs at a time and adds a sleek element to his backyard oasis and is one of those great barbecue-themed gifts. Has a double-walled design, which provides better airflow and less smoke than traditional fire pits. The Solo Stove Bonfire is an exciting gift and is also easy to clean up and store in a garage or shed. He can grab a glass of scotch or glass of whiskey while he's getting warm or cooking marshmallows.

Source: rd.com

Buy an automatic indoor putting green, which is an exciting gift for him to practice his game as is an at-home nitro cold brew maker, or a nightstand-friendly charging stand that will keep his gadgets charged.

How about a subscription to his favorite streaming service if he doesn’t have it already? Netflix, Prime? Both are Great standout gift ideas that break the mold for unique and ideal gift giving.

He will love a gift card to his favorite store, restaurant, gym, or the place where he picks up his flavorful cocktail mixers and other fruity cocktails for a long weekend all make for ideal gifts.

A monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly delivery of hand-selected craft beers, favorite meals, or wine he can look forward to? Another standout gift idea is a meal kit delivery service for when you're not around to whip up your favorite meal.

We mentioned hot sauces, gift him with some of his favorite hot sauces that he can pour onto all his favorite foods or the box of meats you also decide to order. Here's an idea: let him add the hot sauces and doctor up the meals he gets from the meal kit delivery service you also gifted him.

A gift certificate can also be a terrific gift for the man in your life to use toward hobbies and other interests.

Give the man who loves poker nights with his buddies something he can wow the crowd with, a personalized poker chip set.

As you can see it’s not as difficult as you thought when it comes time to gift your man, dad, significant other, nephew, son, or other or all males in your life with the perfect gift.