What are the Best Gifts for the Special Person in Your Life You Never Thought of Printing

Mom, dad, sister, brother, BFF, husband, wife, significant other … Everyone has a special someone in their life and it’s always nice to let them know how special they truly are and say so every now and then. You can do this in many ways from sending an ordinary greeting card (yes, the old-fashioned Hallmark ones), or an electronic card, a box of candy, flowers, or if you want to make them feel even more special go super personal. Get Personal Personalized gifts can be flattering for the person who has everything and doesn’t need anything but surely deserves something. For instance, your mother has had her fair share of flowers, plants, and bouquets over the years. Dad doesn’t need another tie or a bottle of wine. Your sister also doesn’t need any cutesier gifts, cosmetics, or gift certificates. Your husband also doesn’t need any more pajamas, bathrobes, or slippers. OK, so given all those “they don’t need any more” of these things, what’s a gift-giver to do? Again. Shoot for something, different, unique, and yes, personalized. When we say personalized we’re talking about some neat gifts from nail files to tins of cookies with a personalized photo of you and your BFF or special person on the lid. One effortless way to get such gifts and so many more is via shopping at GetThingsPrinted.com. We are an online printing shop that can print anything and have it personalized. Here are some of our favorite and unique gifts for that special person or persons in your life. Personalized Lip Balm Kids, women, girls, and even guys might like this custom lip balm in a small pot filled with 10 grams of heavenly vanilla-scented lip balm. They can use it to moisturize lips anytime. Add a photo or saying on the lid to personalize it so they remember it’s from you. https://www.getthingsprinted.com/product/custom-lip-balm/ Style File This fun personalized nail file is excellent for keeping in a purse, car, or briefcase to pull out in a snap to shape and file. Anyone can file in style with this colorful 7-inch nail file with a contour shape for easy use. Comes with a pouch for safe storage. Personalize with a special photo or saying and it’s a great gift for someone special. https://www.getthingsprinted.com/product/custom-nail-file/ Heart-filled Balm If you like the lip balm previously mentioned you can order this version with a pretty heart print on the lid to make it more special for that person in your life. https://www.getthingsprinted.com/product/hearts-of-hearts-printed-lip-balm/ Wooden Wall Plaque How about this wooden wall plaque for a cool gift for someone special? The “Bless This Home” is a printed round wooden sign to hang and adorn any wall. The faux-wood sign has a bordered rim surrounding its center and a 12-inch diameter printed with a “Bless This Home” design. It has a recessed hole to make the mounting process easier than ever; the custom printed piece will lay flush without any additional effort. https://www.getthingsprinted.com/product/bless-this-home-printed-12-round-wooden-sign/ Nice Candle Holder Candles like this one with a floral initial candle holder make neat gifts for someone special – a man or woman. Have it personalized with a monogram initial letter of your choice. Dimensions: 2-inches x 2-inches x 2-inches. Custom-printed with a sleek design, this candle holder features frosted glass and ornate floral embellishment. It is designed to fit any tealight candle — and here’s a bonus: get one for free when you order online today. https://www.getthingsprinted.com/product/floral-initial-candle-holder/ Happy Wooden Heart Block A custom printed wooden heart block to show your love for someone in your life who means a lot. Mounted on a wall or displayed on a desk, the custom printed wood heart block goes with any décor and in any room. Designed for full-color printing, it has great edge-to-edge images and color reproduction to highlight a favorite photo. Your special someone will be shocked and smile with delight! https://www.getthingsprinted.com/product/custom-printed-wooden-heart-block/ Great Key Chain Gift your special someone with a new keychain that’s not your typical dime store one. This has a nice tassel and can be personalized with photos from holidays, events passed, or whatever – turn any photo into a souvenir or accessory. This key chain makes a super gift for all the special folks in your life. https://www.getthingsprinted.com/product/custom-keychain-with-tassel/ Lovely Bracelet It’s no secret women and girls love jewelry, and this adjustable bracelet is great to give as a sentimental, heartwarming gift for any friend, female family member, or gal in your life. Customize with pictures of the family, pets, or whatever you like. The printed charm bracelet comes with a pretty heart charm attached. https://www.getthingsprinted.com/product/heart-custom-printed-charm-bracelet/ Jewelry Box No ordinary jewelry box this customizable one is white and measures 5.875-inches x 5.5″-inches and is good for personalization or printing a full-color photo. She/he can keep all their keepsakes in it and remember who gave it to them (you) every time they open it up. https://www.getthingsprinted.com/product/white-jewelry-box/ Sea Salt Caramels Delicious custom gift tin with six sea salt caramels to eat any time. When the temperature reaches 75 degrees F. we will ship your order in insulated containers with ice packs. The product will remain cool for two full days. Expedited shipping is required for locations beyond a two-day ground ship zone. We will use insulated cartons. https://www.getthingsprinted.com/product/custom-keepsake-gift-tin-with-sea-salt-caramels/ Notebook for Thoughts This hardcover notebook is a heartfelt gift for someone special and can be customized. The classic hardcover notebook offers rounded corners containing 192 pages of lined ivory-colored 80gsm paper, complete with a color-matched ribbon bookmark and elastic closure. Perfect for journaling, doodling, penning, poetry, or whatever. https://www.getthingsprinted.com/product/custom-hard-cover-notebook/ Wine Sets An attractive faux leather square wine set is a fun gift for a man or woman and comes with a winged corkscrew, bottle stopper, and foil cutter. Print the box with a special message, personalization, or image. Also comes in a round version. Poker Chips For your special man order these personalized poker chips for a night out with his guy friends. A fine gift for sitting around the poker table with a cigar and some drinks and with your man's name printed on them. Car Coasters A nice set of custom printed car coasters (a set of two) will give some oomph to his ride or SUV Personalized car coasters are a special gift for anyone. Photo Frame This special custom photo frame can be customized with a unique photo that means something significant to that special someone in your life. They can be displayed on a table or desk. Lots of shapes, sizes, and textures. Skip the store-bought frames and go with something special you can't get just anywhere. Chocolate Calling all chocolate lovers: This custom keepsake gift tin filled with dark chocolate almonds is a great gift when the craving for chocolate hits. Customize this gift tin, too — choose from one of the custom stock designs or create your own — and add a photo or unique design. Everyone loves chocolate they can enjoy this gift when watching TV or taking a break. There’s another flavor, too, peppermint bark when looking for a special gift. Add a photo on the lid and make it even better. The tin also will keep things fresh once the bark is gone. https://www.getthingsprinted.com/product/custom-printed-car-coasters/ Order Something Special for that Special Person in Your Life Extraordinary gifts are fun to give and even more fun to receive. Go ahead and make someone feel loved with any of these GetPrintedGifts.com and personalize them. You won't be disappointed nor will the person you are buying it for!