Unique, inexpensive custom-printed gift ideas for any occasion

When it's time to give someone a special gift, don't settle for the ordinary. 

Rather than generic gifts or branded products, custom printing can turn things like your photographs into one-of-a-kind perfect gifts. 

Choose something that is the perfect size, shape, and color, that also embodies special memories. Here are a few different personalized gift ideas many offered by GetThingsPrinted.com for any time from Mother's Day to bridal showers that are thoughtful gifts made via custom printing.

Printed Keychain

Gift someone something that makes them smile throughout the day like a personalized gift that's a photo printed keychain. It's a simple, inexpensive way to create something that's a personal gift and portable as well as screams a thoughtful gift.

A custom-printed personalized gift keychain is a perfect gift for any event like a baby shower, or bridal shower and can be a great conversation piece that helps your special someone show off their unique personality. It makes an excellent gift for someone who loses their keys a lot, too, while also serving as a neat piece of art. 

Pick a Puzzle

Personalized gifts that puzzle make perfect gifts and can be pieces of art for anyone from giving away at baby showers to grandparents. They are thoughtful gifts because they appeal to everyone regardless of age,  and give hours of fun as well as a challenging, relaxing activity. When you gift someone a custom-printed puzzle you're also giving them a highly personalized work of functional art that they can assemble and display proudly.

You can create a perfect gift like a personalized gift puzzle from any photo that special someone would appreciate: a landscape of a memorable location, baby shower, group photo, vacation, or whatever, floats their boat. They'll have to put the puzzle together to see what the puzzle is – the options are endless.

Prints to Satisfy

If you have a family member or friend who enjoys time in their garage, basement, or "man cave" or "she shed" a customized printed framed piece of art makes for a perfect gift and thoughtful gift. They can use it as a creative display of their style in their place. It will highlight their personality and interests perfectly. Quickly turn a photo of them with their favorite car, our closest family members into a printed artwork or creative display to hang and enjoy as the perfect gift.  

Mouse Pads with Class

For those who spend their workdays at a desk or like to relax after hours perusing the Internet,  a personalized gift that also acts as a thoughtful gift can be a photo-printed mouse pad. It will brighten up any computer area with personal flair as well as let them show off photos of their fave family get-togethers, sports memory, or whatever. Photo mouse pads blend practicality and sentimentality as most computer desks need a mouse pad.

Even give them away at a baby shower with a gift card and you've got a cool personalized gift.

Book Marks

If you know someone who likes to read actual books with pages, a personalized gift with a gift card that's a custom-printed bookmark is a perfect gift they can use daily and it's a thoughtful gift. They can toss out whatever they're using for bookmarks now and replace it with something personal like one with pets, kids, vacations, and other favorite moments.

Bags with Character

Everybody needs a neat bag to use and with custom printing, give someone a personalized gift that's a thoughtful gift and perfect gift. This can be a beach bag, teacher bag, diaper bag, sports bag, or whatever else they want to call it or use it for. Add a gift card and you've got the be-all-end-all gift and a creative display for someone you love.

Customized gift tote bags let their personality shine wherever they go as well as being a functional item.

GetThingsPrinted.com specializes in creating customized gifts from baby showers to anniversaries that are also thoughtful gifts available in an array of options, shapes, and sizes and for any occasion. It's easy for friends and family members to design unique, high-quality customized gifts that are like pieces of art and creative displays as personalized gifts for the people they love. If you're looking to give someone special in your life a one-of-a-kind gift, be sure to check out the GetThingsPrinted.com site where there's a vast array of options. The site also offers a design team to help you create the ideal gift for someone.

Customized Gifts, Thoughtful and Unique

When you take the time to personally customize each gift and make them a piece of art or creative display — be it a baby shower, birthday, or whatever — with favorite photos, you're creating customized gifts that are also thoughtful gifts for everyone on your list.

Remember, your office, or room, doesn’t have to be boring or ugly, instead, make it fun and exciting with these personalized photo gifts and accessories.

By adding a special message, saying, or note to their favorite photos or even something simple, like their name or monogram, you'll show you took the extra time and thought to make the customized gift truly meaningful and a piece of art you made.

Photo Frames

Maybe a custom photo frame you can put your favorite photos in or the entire family or as a wedding gift of the happy couple? Check out many size options,  and textures that make great personalized photo gifts at GetThingsPrinted.com. Why settle for an ordinary store-bought frame when you can someone this special personalized photo gift?


This “Bless This Home” is a cool printed round wooden sign to be hung and displayed on any wall. The faux-wood sign has a bordered rim surrounding its center and a 12-inch diameter printed with a “Bless This Home” design. It has a recessed hole to make the mounting process simple; the custom printed piece stays flush. Makes for a nice or ideal wedding gift for the happy couple that's truly a personal gift.


This floral initial candle holder would be a nice personalized photo gift for an office, have it personalized with a monogram initial letter of your choice or favorite photos; these make excellent gifts. Dimensions: 2-inches x 2-inches x 2-inches. A great personal gift anytime this personalized photo gift holds scented candles. Custom-printed with a sleek design, this candle holder features frosted glass and ornate floral embellishment. It is designed to fit any tealight candle — and you’ll get one for free when you order online today.

Heart Block

Whether hung on a wall or sitting on a table or desk this custom-printed wood heart block fits any décor or setting and is an ideal gift for a new home. Designed for full-color printing, it has edge-to-edge images and color reproduction to show off favorite photos of loved ones when you opt to make this a personalized photo gift.

Photo Magnets for your Fridge

Decorating your fridge with fun, personalized fridge magnets using favorite photos this customized photo magnet is a neat way to dress up a fridge.

Personalized photo gifts like these fridge magnets with photos of your family or drawings, from wedding photos of the happy couple, to art made by kids, to holding up photo prints, and important notes are fun.

Custom Gifts Memorable & Cherished

In the end, customized gifts are perfect gifts and are creative displays that are meant to be keepsakes that the person will want to treasure for years to come. Personalized photo gifts using favorite photos make thoughtful gifts for wedding gifts or baby showers that will stand out from the crowd. All are ideal for those difficult to shop for and will surely create an impression. 

GetThingsPrinted.com is an online design wizard who can help create the ideal gifts for you and yours that are personal as well as look like a piece of art. Whether it's using custom prints for a T-shirt or a monogrammed candle for a bridal shower, GetThingsPrinted.com has it covered thanks to its vast array of items. Creating special memories is as easy as 1-2-3!