The Top 5 Most Popular Custom Embroidered Caps



The next time you are out and about doing errands, attending a sporting event, at your kid’s school, or simply at the grocery store picking up a loaf of bread and milk look around.


Chances are good you will see a sea of baseball-style caps in all kinds of shapes, styles, and colors with and without logos, names, and designs.


That’s because baseball-style caps are no longer just for athletes, they are for everyone and anyone who wants to be comfortable, is having a bad hair day, or simply wants to make a fashion statement.


And if you’re into wearing caps or need a few for your sports team or fellow workers, the best baseball-style caps are those that are custom embroidered.


But as you start to look around and inquire as to what are the most popular baseball-style caps and what styles are trending you might be overwhelmed.


No need, here are the top five most popular custom embroidered caps in printing to help you choose the right ones for you.


Caps Come in Different Styles


While you may not have ever thought about it, there are differences when it comes to baseball-style caps — some look better than others especially those sporting a nice, embroidered design.


  • Six-Panel Caps: Six-panel caps are also known as the popular “baseball caps” you see everyone from mom to dad to kids wearing wherever you may go.


Created in the 1930s, these are made with six panels of cloth triangles that go from the top of the head umbrella style and look and fit just about everyone.


Custom embroidered logos, images, and names emblazoned on the front of this kind of baseball-style cap always look nice and showcase what you want.


Fitted or stretch-to-fit caps give your custom cap a tailored look but may add a sizing element when you place an order.


For one-size-fits-all custom embroidered caps, choose caps with an adjustable closure. Go for hook and loop (Velcro), snap, or adjustable clasp closures as well. The quality of the closure changes the fit, the cost, and the overall appearance of these baseball-style caps.


The six-panel cap style is perfect for a sports team or business team, as the six panels look nice and fit almost everyone.


  • Five-Panel Caps: Five-panel caps were created in the 1990s to give wearers a more unobstructed decoration area. As the name says, five-panel style caps are formed with five fabric pieces instead of six, and there is no front seam. Five panels can be either flat-brim or bent-brim styles.


Flat-brims have a sportier look than bent-brim styles that have a higher front profile. Five-panel flat-bill caps are trendier in the fashion world, so if your group is on the young and stylish side, go for a five-panel cap and add custom embroidered logos, names, or designs. Five panels are excellent for embroidering larger, more intricate logos or designs, too.

  • Trucker Caps: Imagine a five-panel cap with a mesh back and a stiffer foam front panel, and you’ve got a cool trucker-style cap. The name “trucker cap” began when farming supply companies started giving away their low-cost caps to truck drivers and farm workers to bring attention to their brands. Fast forward, trucker caps are now popular and are worn by everyone. Add a custom embroidered design or logo and you’ve got an inexpensive but stylish cap.
  • Snap Backs: Snap back-style caps are available in five-and six-panel styles and are great because they fit different size heads because of the addition of an adjustable snap closure on the back. These caps are popular because they can be worn forward or backward and are breathable because of the mesh.

  • Dad Hats: Dad hats are known to be looser-fitting six-panel caps made with canvas or cotton. The name “dad hat” comes from the many dads who have opted to sport these comfy caps over the decades.



Regardless of what kind of cap you’re looking for, there are options, so you don’t have to settle for something boring.


And instead of going for a plain old baseball cap that you can buy at a department store or sporting goods store (and see yourself coming and going,), choose to have one custom made with embroidery from


Keep in mind having any of these five top caps custom-made doesn’t always equate to “expensive.”


No, a custom cap with a special logo, design, or one that is just custom ordered is not as costly as you might think.


Not only will you be getting quality, but you’ll also be ordering something unique to you and your crew, associates, or colleagues.


You can choose what you want to add to any of the styles' brims and make it your own. Be colorful, be creative, and have fun when you decide to order a custom-made embroidered cap.



Great Gifts

Any kind of stylish cap is a wonderful gift, too, if you feel you want to gift a BFF or special relative with a personalized cap.


Caps can be given to someone for their birthday, a special event, a life milestone, for the groom’s guys, or the bride’s mates as well.


How about a new cap for your student that’s headed back to school or your college-bound daughter who wants to make a fashion statement? Maybe you need a new headwear option to wear at the beach when the sun is too intense or your significant other would like a bunch of caps for his upcoming golf outing?



If you can’t decide on a certain font, color, or cap, is here to help with every order from start to finish.


We have helped many teams choose high-quality headwear at affordable prices, and we’ll be more than happy to answer your questions. is ready to guide you through the design process and create some awesome caps for your team’s next season or for whatever reason you need a bunch of great caps.

You’re in good hands with any of these needs as has done more than a few great caps in our day and we can help you with whatever you need from a single cap just for yourself or for your entire team.


So, reach out to us online to get in touch with our experts and learn more about how we can support you and your custom headwear options.