Gifts for deploying soldiers they will remember forever

If you have someone in your life who is already a member of any military personnel such as the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Marines, National Guard, U.S. Army, or if they are about to be deployed, or retired from the service, a special gift for the season may be for these brave people.

Military members often get gifts for birthdays, graduations, promos, etc., like the rest of us, but the holiday season can be a sentimental time of year for them. So, do think about purchasing the perfect gift that they will remember for years to come.

Perfect Gifts

Also, it's customary for an officer who has retired from active duty to receive a gift when he or she leaves the military. However, if there's a party or celebration, that's the best occasion to give them the perfect gift since they will enjoy themselves like at a holiday gathering if they are home.

If you're looking for the perfect gift for someone who loves military history, and military-related items here are some ideas for the Air force, Army, National Guard, U.S. Veterans, and other military veterans in your life.

Remember, military personnel like the Air Force, U.S. Army, Armed Forces, and American Veterans, are also real people who love getting digital items, care packages, and more this time of year.

Custom Wooden Pieces

Consider customizing or making handmade pieces or wooden gifts with craft supplies if you're thinking about giving your military member a gift. You can add the recipient's name, his/her military branch, and his/her year of service. Also think about wooden gifts, cutting boards, wooden signs, and even small plaques they can hang in their new surroundings. Visit here.

Rustic Military Flags

Think about giving the gift of rustic military flags that they can hang at their home, garage, office, or wherever. Visit here

Military Airplane Models

Giving military members a miniature replica of their favorite airplane, ship, helicopter, or other military faves is an excellent and thoughtful gift. Chances are good it will become a favored vintage treasure for them in the years ahead.

If you're looking for a replica ship or boat, then SD Model Maker has one the largest selection. Visit here.

Bar Sets

A bar gift set is also thoughtful for a military member’s home if they have retired or come home often from leave.

Consider a personalized wine bottle, glasses, cocktail, and other barware or something else that lets them show off what and how they enjoy their libations

For instance, bullet and grenade bottle openers are fun and special from Bottle Breacher. visit here.  And get ideas for a home wet bar set with custom cabinets and decanters, check here.


Once the uniform has been removed, the regulations governing what kind of watch a soldier may own become irrelevant; a skilled engraver can turn his new watch into something truly unique and make for a thoughtful gift. Visit here. 

Or try Vetcom which offers customized military watches for veterans, Army civilians, and anyone on an Army Board, who served their countries during wartime.

Also consider custom military wall clocks, and compasses, which can be found here.

Military blankets or quilts are essential for any soldier, pilot, or other, and make terrific Christmas gifts here.

A personalized fleece blanket from or Esraxled - Custom Veteran Quilts are other options.

Custom Jackets

A custom military quilted jacket can keep them warm wherever they are and is a good Christmas gift or how about one for an Air Force wife? Visit here.

Shadow Boxes

A military uniform shadow box is an incredible gift for any veteran who served their country.

Military families often put up flags on their walls, especially when someone like an Army civilian or someone from the U.S. Army Reserve has been deployed overseas. However, sometimes they just leave them hanging there until the perfect place comes along. If you want to give a gift to a military member who served, consider a wooden picture frame or case for a photo of him/her with awards or medals.

Or, if he or she already has one, consider something unique like a decorative sword or gun visit here or display case for medals and trophies from Capitol Flag Co.

Medal and Coin Display Racks

Your military member has a box full of medals and needs to do something with them other than toss them in an old dresser drawer. These can be worn during special occasions such as parades and celebrations. They're also used as decorations for homes and offices. Customizable racks make them easy to display and keep track of visits here or go for handmade coin displays made by Sawyer Custom Woodwork.

A nice chess set

Chess fans will enjoy these chess sets for their beauty as well as functionality. They're perfect gifts for any occasion and can serve as decorative pieces of art as well as useful tools for playing games. Visit here.

Golf Gifts

With their retirement, your military member has lots of free hours now. Encourage them by giving them some new equipment (putters, balls, etc.), or a gift card for their local course. Visit here.

Memory Book

To help preserve the memories from the past two decades, assemble a photo book or scrapbook. Contact friends and/or relatives to contribute or leave blank spaces so they can add their memories. Visit here.

Funny Gifts

Sometimes, a funny present is the best gift, and “funny gifts” are a great way to remember the retiree to enjoy life after they retire. Funny presents are particularly useful if you share an inside secret. Visit here.

Sentimental Going Away Gifts

Sometimes you just want to send someone off with something that makes them think of you. These gifts are often accompanied by a handwritten card.

Photo Album

A picture book is a wonderful way to document your friendships. Add some photos of your time together, and the places you've been and leave some space for others to add to it as your lives continue. Visit here.

Scratch-off Map

Scratch-off maps can serve multiple purposes: You can use them to document where someone has gone, display them several times over as wall artwork, and even put them up in a home's spare room. These map designs often include a guitar picks scratcher and stickers to help you remember your travels. Visit here.

Homesick Candles

Give candles as gifts to people who are moving out of their current location. They'll be able to enjoy the scent of the new city or state whenever they want to reminisce. Check these out. 

Custom Engraved Dog Tags

If someone close to you is going away to serve our country, give him or her a personalized dog tag that can be a truly wonderful vintage treasure in the years to come and one that he or she can proudly wear on his or her journey.

Dog tag jewelry is a classic piece of jewelry and is great for military members, new, and retired, and for men and women.

Get this classic piece customized with any message you want. It's a durable and unique present and one they will cherish forever!  Visit here.

Choose from a wide selection of designs and fonts to create a personalized gift that will last forever. Engrave your military member’s name or a special date on a stainless steel tag to commemorate an important event.

Other Ideas

Other personalized and customized gift options for military members in your circle could include these fun and practical gifts. If you are in short supply of gifts and/or stocking stuffers. has lots of items you can get personalized – and there’s still time.

‘Bless This Home' Wall Sign

This “Bless This Home” is a printed round wooden sign that can be hung any place from kitchen to bedroom. The faux-wood sign has a bordered rim surrounding its center and a 12-inch diameter printed with a “Bless This Home” design. It has a recessed hole to make the mounting process easy; the custom-printed piece stays flush. Visit here.

Cool Candle Holder

The floral initial candle holder can be personalized with a monogram initial letter of your choice. Dimensions: 2-inches x 2-inches x 2-inches. A neat holiday gift to hold scented seasonal candles. Custom-printed with an attractive design, this candle holder features frosted glass and ornate floral embellishment. It is designed to fit any tealight size. candle. Check it out.

This custom key chain with an attractive tassel can be personalized with photos from holidays or pastimes. Makes for a memorable holiday gift for those beloved family and friends. Visit here.

Or how about this heart-braided key ring that can also be personalized with photos? Super gift or stocking stuffer and keepsake. Visit here.

Yummy Holiday Snacks

Customizable keepsake gift tin contains six sea salt caramels that will melt in their mouths. When the temperature reaches 75 degrees F., we will ship your order in insulated containers with ice packs. The product will remain cool for two full days. Expedited shipping is required for locations beyond a two-day ground ship zone. They will use insulated cartons. Be sure to check for proper shipping policies if you're sending abroad.

Or go for this gift tin filled with decadent dark chocolate almonds. Choose from one of the custom stock designs or create your own — and add a photo or custom design. Everybody loves chocolate and this is great for the holiday season. Visit here.

You can also order this keepsake gift tin filled with peppermint bark. Add a family photo on the lid for those you love and admire; it looks impressive especially after it's personalized and keeps snacks fresh. Your member of the National Guard will surely love this keepsake.

Got a military member who’s crazy for all things nuts? This keepsake custom gift tin filled is filled with deluxe mixed nuts. Choose from one of many custom stock designs or create your own, with a photo or custom design. Also, when the temperature reaches 75 degrees F. it can be shipped in insulated containers with ice packs. The product will remain cool for two full days. Expedited shipping is required for locations beyond a 2-day ground ship zone. For insulated cartons, add $10.00 per carton. When cost-effective, a larger carton can be used to add $15.00. The shipper will decide. Check here.

Don’t want to give candy? OK, how about cookies for the holidays that come in a large round tin with a gourmet cookie selection of 18 pieces? Choose between a festive stock design or creating your full-color memorable lid using photos. When the temperature reaches 75 degrees F. cookies will ship in insulated containers with ice packs. The product will remain cool for two full days. Expedited shipping is required for locations beyond a 2-day ground ship zone. For insulated cartons, add $10.00 per carton. When cost-effective, a larger carton can be used to add $15.00. The shipper will decide. Check here.

Check for their military address and appropriate shipping policies or if it needs to be just standard shipping before sending them to someone on active duty. You will want to ensure it is managed with extraordinary care for any of these food item gifts.

Creative Cards

Sometimes a personalized card is just enough that may share a photo of you and the service member during a special vacation, event, or venue. Pen a handwritten note inside the card and you’ll truly have a special gift that they can save as a keepsake and even carry on their person if they are deployed and far away from home.

Tips to Keep in Mind

As you select the perfect gift for this special occasion, remember these few important points as well:

Planning, customizing, shipping, and manufacturing may be slower than you expect.

If the military member and retiree are planning to move soon after retiring, you might want to wait until he/she moves before sending them the package.

If something is fragile, put it in its original packaging so it doesn't get damaged during shipment.

Again, be sure to check for proper shipping policies before you attempt to have any gift sent to military personnel or someone on active duty, and do check for the correct military addresses beforehand.

Start Shopping

In the end, buying a gift for someone — who is about to deploy, already has deployed or retired, and who is in the military — is not as difficult as you might think. Any gift you decide to buy your military member — be it a replica of an aircraft they flew, a military-style jacket to wear in the cold, or something handmade — they are sure to love it from now till eternity.