Brighten up your friend’s day with these heartfelt gifts

Your BFF is somebody who has been with you through the thick and thin, heartaches and happy times as well as everything in between.

Isn't it time you told him/her how much they mean to you? You can easily brighten up your friend's day with these heartfelt gifts for friends.

Everyone deserves a good laugh after a long year of difficulties. Here are some gift ideas that range from thoughtful to fun for a sick friend.

To Inspire Them

Your BFF has been sick as of late and feeling a bit down. Why not give your BFF an inspiring gift or two to make their days brighter. Add custom printed socks with positive messages or decorative wall plaques and hangings that they can look at to keep their spirits up.

A Subscription to a New Streaming Service

Staying entertained is something we all seek be it watching our favorite TV show once a week or binge-watching an entire series in a night.

How about adding a subscription to a new streaming service that your BFF can enjoy when they want. There's little doubt in these times that your BFF will enjoy a streaming subscription without having to leave the comfort of home.

And while you're getting them a subscription to a streaking service get your BFF a few gourmet snacks like popcorn or a special container of nuts and cookies custom made to eat while watching a movie or TV show.

Nothing says you're wishing your BFF gets better soon like a gift of assorted chocolates or yummy baked cookies.

Make up a gift basket with all your friend's favorites and you'll light up their day.

High-quality Headphones

Headphones make listening to music, their favorite songs, and/or watching movies on mobile devices easier. Gift your BFF a quality pair of headphones to enjoy day or night.

Fresh Flowers

One great and easy way to brighten up your friend's day is to buy them a beautiful bouquet. 

Flowers of any kind are colorful and smell great and always make the receiver feel loved and thought of.

For anyone that likes to decompress in the tub after a hard day, bath bombs are a must-have. Or go for any fizzy bath products that come in fun colors and whimsical shapes all guaranteed to make your BFF happy. 

Write it Down

When your friend is overwhelmed, one way of letting off some steam is to write down what they're feeling. Journaling is a fine way to relieve anxiety and gifting them their journal or diary would be a thoughtful present.

Chapped Fix

Getting chapped lips can be tough and annoying, but these lip balms in a cute printed customized tin will be much appreciated by your BFF. 


Running away from your problems won't solve them but giving your brain a break for a little while can help you recharge. If your friend could use a temporary escape, get them one of today's top bestsellers or pick up a few audiobooks for him/her to enjoy.

Nuts Ahead

For the stress-snacker in your life, here's a thoughtful present that will satisfy their crunchiest cravings. A customized tin loaded with sweet and salty treats is perfect for nibbling. 

Smells Great

Aromatherapy can also improve your buddy's frame of mind with soothing and inspirational scents his/her favorite bottled scent? Also, pickups some lavender-scented candles to lift the mood. as well as

Puzzle Me

Resolving puzzles such as jigsaws with many pieces can be a cathartic activity for someone under a lot of pressure and make amazing gifts. They're just complicated enough to distract but mindless enough not to create additional stress. Board games are also a fun gift for you to play together when you meet up.

A beautiful Trivet

Nothing says you're my BFF better than a customized personal kitchen trivet they can use to make their favorite meals. Check out this customized strive that you can put a photo, saying, or whatever you like to make it even more personalized

Memorable Photos

Picture frames or wall plaques always come in handy and are a great gift for your BFF; add a great photo of the two of you so she/he can remember the good times every time she/he looks at it.

Pretty Spa Basket

Help your friend or loved one feel pampered and enjoy soothing treatments with a spa gift basket. Incorporate your ideas and make it a personalized gift basket that's significant for your BFF.

Adult Coloring Book

Adult coloring books provide all kinds of entertainment and feelings of good old days gone by. Coloring with all its fun colors as well as vibrant colors is also very therapeutic, which makes it a great gift for a sick friend or anyone.

These memorable gift ideas will make your BFF smile from ear to ear.

No one knows you quite like your best friend does, which makes your relationship even more special.

Don't forget she/he has been there with you through it all big and small.

After so many years together, when it's time to buy a gift for your BFF, do find something as fabulous as she is.

It's always nice to know someone is cheering you on. Whether you send a simple “thinking of you – hang in there!” or send off a favorite quote/graphic combo, a little bit of inspiration will be appreciated.

Other Fast Ideas

Have a few dollars to spare? Venmo your BFF for coffee on you and let them splurge on a hot drink they may not have ever ordered on their own.

If you have some extra cash, pass it on to a friend for a drink - their local coffee shop may offer curbside pick-up, or they can get a virtual gift card and save it for a treat once places reopen.

In the end, your BFF will surely feel loved and have a reason (or two) to get out of the house, out of bed -- and you'll feel good about gifting your buddy with someone wonderful.