Best 13 Custom Gifts to Give a Kitchen Some Life

Whether you are a professional chef, a foodie, or a home cook, you love all kinds of gadgets and gizmos related to food.

And, you might have most of them, from the cool utensil to the lavish serving tray.

But, lo and behold, there are some kitchen items that you might not have stockpiled in your kitchen drawers, be it at home or in your restaurant or eating establishment.

What chef, foodie, or home cook doesn’t get excited over a unique kitchen tool to create awe-inspiring entrees, desserts, or anything related to food?

Foodies, chefs, or home cooks alike certainly keep abreast of the latest and greatest, but in between mixing up a super salad dressing or the perfect pasta sauce or an excellent steak Diane, you or your favorite foodie missed a few latest items, trends, and other custom gifts to give a kitchen some life.

Here are the 13 best new custom gifts to give a kitchen some life for foodies, home cooks, and chefs to explore, order, and enjoy today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Any or all will certainly make a foodie’s day brighter in and out of the kitchen.

1.CaterGator CG45WH White 45 Qt. Rotomolded Extreme Outdoor Cooler / Ice Chest

This outdoor cooler/ice chest is perfect for the foodie who is tired of the same old inexpensive cooler to keep foods from perishing. Built for the great outdoors, this outstanding cooler/ice chest features a large and durable design with a 45-quart capacity that makes it ideal for holding ice and keeping food chilled for up to 10 days.

  1. Avantco 55-Piece Deluxe Induction Made-to-Order Omelet/Pasta Station Kit

Who doesn't like breakfast omelets? Check out this 55-piece deluxe induction made-to-order omelet/pasta station kit. Includes hand-selected pieces to enhance menu offerings at home or in the eatery.

  1. Avantco MT64 Stainless Steel 64 Blade Meat Tenderizer - 115V, 1/2 hp

Tenderize your signature meats with precision when using this Avantco MT64 Stainless Steel 64-blade meat tenderizer. A fine addition to a deli, local butcher shop, busy restaurant, or small neighborhood market. It couldn’t be better for tenderizing and slicing needs. It combines a 1/2 hp motor with razor-sharp Stainless-Steel blades for excellent precision and power.

  1. Prince Castle 511 Stainless Steel Top Mounting Bun Dresser/Butter Spreader

Cut down on waste and save time with Prince Castle 511 Stainless Steel top mounting bun dresser/butter spreader for slim-line vertical contact toasters. It attaches to a Prince Castle slim-line toaster for better toasting experiences. Bakery items are easily buttered before toasting, and a perforated roller is an added benefit.

  1. Carnival King CM16DBL 16" Dual Cast Iron Crepe Maker - 208/240V

Create perfect crepes with the Carnival King CM16DBL 16" non-stick dual cast iron crepe maker. Simple to use and comes with accessories and dual burners to make more crepes. Also, it comes with a spatula and T-shape crepe spreader to create the best crepes ever. This crepe maker requires a 208/240V electrical connection to operate.

6.Carpigiani Mister Art Plus (2) 12 Qt. Air-Cooled Frozen Pastry Filler - 208-230V, 3 Phase

For the foodie or chef who has an ice cream shop the Carpigiani Mister Art Plus Mister Art Plus (2), 12-quart air-cooled frozen pastry filler is necessary. Offers excellent performance to perfectly fill cakes, ice cream molds, and pastries with two flavors simultaneously.

As a bonus, it doubles as a gelato-style soft-serve machine and fills molds, making multilayered gelato cakes, popsicles, and gelato spumoni. It comes with an all-in-one recipe book with 58 recipes. This unit uses R404A refrigerant for optimal freezing conditions.

  1. American Metalcraft MESABUCH13 3.25 Gallon (52 Cup) Round Copper Hammered Stainless Steel Coffee Chafer Urn

Beautiful contemporary materials mixed with old-world styling, this urn is excellent for dispensing hot beverages at upscale restaurants, banquets, and receptions. Uses a can of chafing fuel placed on the incorporated shelf to keep contents warm.

Black base, easy-flow faucet along with ornate black handles on either side along with urn's hammered copper finish is truly a beautiful piece for any foodie or chef who has everything.

  1. Benchmark USA 81011A Zephyr Cotton Candy Machine with 21" Stainless Steel Bowl - 120V, 900W

Whip up a single cone of cotton candy or more with this Zephyr cotton candy machine. Has 21" Stainless Steel bowl and well-designed heating element to make cotton candy in seconds: up to 60 cones per hour. It weighs 21 pounds and has two handles for easy transportation. The toggle switch spins the head and heats the element, thanks to the unit's two switch configuration.

  1. Benchmark USA 60048 Dog Pound 164 Dog / 36 Bun Hot Dog Steamer - 120V, 1170W

The colorful unit holds up to 164 hot dogs and 36 buns and features a divider between the two hot dog trays to separate varied sizes of hot dogs or sausages. Fun graphics on each side of the steamer lets the unit be used as a front or rear counter. Cooks hot dogs in 20-30 minutes. Water reservoir makes steam to help keep hot dogs plump and juicy. A 120V electrical connection is required for operation.

  1. Paragon 3090090 Lemonade Wagon with Umbrella

Who wants a cold glass of lemonade? It’s easy, thanks to this lemonade cart made of steel. Powder-coated paint finishes won't chip, and the big magnetic lemonade sign is detachable. The umbrella has two adjustable heights and a base to keep the cart in place. Four lockable yellow spoke wheels, and a heavy-duty push handle makes it easy to transport. A large workspace on top of the cart and two attached Stainless-Steel containers make this durable and fun gift for your foodie or chef.

  1. Mercer Culinary Millennia® Customizable White Soft Chef Hat/Floppy Toque Hat

If your foodie or chef doesn’t have a chef’s hat, it’s time to get him/her one. A stylish floppy toque hat is comfortable and helps keep kitchens sanitary.

Made with a blend of 65 percent polyester and 35 percent cotton twill, this hat works in a commercial kitchen but is also lightweight for comfort all day.

  1.  Personal Magnets 

Super nice canvas magnet printed with a family name, initials, or a full-color picture, or a positive saying would be a nice gift that he/she can hang on the fridge in the kitchen. $5

  1.  Home Photo Block

This Home Photo block is ready to hang in your kitchen. The sign makes a true addition. It comes with a full-color, custom-printed design of your choosing and features a rich ivory-colored base that looks nice. $35.

Whichever of these gifts you decide on – one or all if you’re feeling generous – for your food or chef or your kitchen and someone who has everything will surely make them smile!