23 Gifts for the Home Office that Brighten it Up and Make it More Livable

The home office has become even more important these days due to two years' worth of lockdowns and lock-ins because of the worldwide pandemic.

Increasingly people are and have been working from home versus their regular offices. And many haven’t had time to update those offices or tailor them to their taste.

From painting ordinary white walls to brightly colored ones and putting up photos and artwork to make the room pop, decorating the office should be on your list.

If you don’t have the time, money, or energy to do a complete office remodel you can buy items for the home office to make it more livable, more fun.

From cute and kitschy here’s a list of unique office supplies to turn your office space into something exciting and a place where you want to be.

  1. A mini-USB vacuum

Even things like vacuuming can be fun with this mini-USB vacuum that can get rid of all those crumbs you have on the floor and in the corners. Price: $8.95

  1. An otter tape dispenser

A cute little critter that will bring life to your desk and laughter. Price: $15.79

  1. Healthy Snacks

Think snacks don’t qualify as a supply you need for your office? A recent survey found that while only 16% of offices offer free snacks for their employees, 67% of employees with access to free food reported being “very” or “extremely” happy with their current job. Prices Vary.

  1. Wall Calendars

Perfect for when you need to date documents, a countdown to a well-deserved vacation, and keep track of the next holiday. Here are some DIY wall calendar ideas to make life easier.

  1. A Posture Monitor

Lumo Lift has a small sensor on your shirt that gently vibrates when you begin to slouch in your chair. They also have an app that tracks your posture, steps taken, and distance traveled over a day. Price: $79.99.

  1. These recycled paper pencilsare not only a modern office supply, but they also save trees in the process and cut back on deforestation. Price: $6.00.
  2. Color-coordinated Office Supplies

Need one quick rule to make ordinary office supplies more fun? Try bright colors. These cool office accessories from Poppin come in neat shades like orange, pink, and lime green.

Prices Vary.

  1. Personalized Anything

Business cards, mugs …if you can name it, you can personalize it on GetThingsPrinted.com What’s a more unique office supply that is special for each person? Deck out your office and boost employee morale with office supplies with your company’s name. Prices Vary.

  1. Computer Sitters
  2. These guyskeep you company all the time and if anyone asks, you can say they’re helping you be more productive. Price: $15.00 and up.
  3. A Palm-sized Portable Speaker

Toss it, share it, and take it wherever. The latest models of tiny portable speakers can make any office space more fun. Price: $29.00 and up

  1. Patterned Wall Tiles from Blik

These patterned wall tiles make it easy to add pops of color and interest to your office without painting and wallpaper. Price: $24.00 and up.

  1. Cool Trash Cans

Trash cans are a necessary part of office life, and since you need them, why not make the ones in your office stand out. This list of the 10 coolest cans even opens via infrared sensors. Prices vary.

  1. For a Connected Home Office

As more people work remotely, technology to assist the work-from-home folks has grown. Make sure you look and sound professional with this business webcam ($99.99) from Logitech. Enjoy great sound whether you are listening to music or talking to a client with these wireless headphones ($119.95) that feature active noise cancellation and Bluetooth.

  1. Your Creative Side

Keep cool ideas close with this glass dry-erase desktop easel ($16.79). Or try a new way of tracking tasks, notes, and events with a bullet journal ($25.95).

  1. Be Comfortable When Working Hard

Working remotely means you can take control of your comfort. Go for this work chair via this plush seat cushion ($71) and keep tootsies cozy with these comfy and stylish wool felt slippers ($99.95).

  1. For Getting the Lighting Correct

Look your best at client meetings with this video conference lighting kit ($69.99). Or try this fully adjustable light ring ($29.99) that comes with three light modes and 11 brightness levels, which help to eliminate unwanted shadows.

  1. For Keeping Clean

Keep your phone charged and sanitized with this wireless charging station and UV sanitizer ($80). And make sure your laptop, tablet, or smartphone remains dirt-free with this manual cleaner (from $10.99).

  1. For Some Fun

The best work environment is a combo of organization, focus, and fun. Lighten the mood is equally important, so keep your office looking cute and breathing easy with this mini cactus humidifier (from $15.89). Or, bring ambiance to your workspace with this mini fireplace ($99).

  1. Maybe a custom photo frame you can put your photo in or the entire family? Check out all the shapes, sizes, and textures. Why settle for an ordinary store-bought frame when you can get dad this special custom frame?
  2. Personal Wall Sign

This “Bless This Home” is a cool printed round wooden sign to be hung and displayed on any wall. The faux-wood sign has a bordered rim surrounding its center and a 12-inch diameter printed with a “Bless This Home” design. It has a recessed hole to make the mounting process simple; the custom printed piece stays flush.

  1. Neat Candle Holder

This floral initial candle holder would be a nice gift for your office, have it personalized with a monogram initial letter of your choice. Dimensions: 2-inches x 2-inches x 2-inches. A great holiday gift to hold scented seasonal candles. Custom-printed with a sleek design, this candle holder features frosted glass and ornate floral embellishment. It is designed to fit any tealight candle — and you’ll get one for free when you order online today.

  1. Heart-shaped Block

Whether hung on a wall or sitting on a table or desk this custom-printed wood heart block fits any décor or setting. Designed for full-color printing, you’ll get edge-to-edge images and color reproduction to show off a favorite photo, of you and your loved ones?

Remember, your office doesn’t have to be boring or ugly, instead, make it fun and exciting with these gifts and accessories.