11 Fun Gifts to Celebrate the End of Summer Usher in Autumn

You’ve been swimming, surfing, going to the beach, enjoying a barbecue here and there and so much more this summer, and why not?

But as the days get shorter and the nights become cooler it means fall is on the way and summer is quickly coming to an end.

The kiddies are headed back to school (hopefully) and normal routines will take over once again.

As the Dog Days of Summer kick in and you spend these last days catching the sun’s rays, you might want to think about a few last-minute gift hurrahs to give to friends, family, or even yourself.

Here are 11 items to buy today and personalize from GetThingsPrinted.com and enjoy the new season. From cool key chains to neat trinkets, you can toss into your purse or decorate the house, there’s something for everybody.

  1. Custom Ceramic Coaster

This full-color printed ceramic coaster is great for anyone. Print your favorite photo, landscape, or quote on a ceramic coaster and some pizazz. Create a keepsake to remember a special occasion, while having a late summer or early autumn drink. Cost: $10.00. Ships in 5 days. https://www.getthingsprinted.com/product/custom-ceramic-coaster/

  1. Coasters – 4-pc. Printed Ceramic Coaster Set

Every family has their way of celebrating Thanksgiving, so why not make this holiday-themed coaster set one a tradition for you or someone you love? It’s never too early to start thinking about the holidays even if it’s still summer.

These coasters won’t ruin your hardwood tabletops with water rings, regardless of how many cups you end up filling. Protect your furniture with this fun Thanksgiving Coaster Set and get back to focusing on what matters most: food, family, and friends. Each pack comes with four authentic ceramic coasters, all are printed with a unique design inspired by Thanksgiving. Turkey Day will be here before you know it, so order yours before they’re all gobbled up!  Cost: $30.00. Ships in 5 days or fewer. https://www.getthingsprinted.com/product/thanksgiving-ceramic-coaster-set-of-4/

  1. Floral Initial Candle Holder

Custom-printed with a super design, this candle holder features frosted glass and floral embellishment. Light a candle in memory of a loved one, add a personalized touch to your workspace or give a gift with a family initial to a favorite relative. With 2” x 2” square dimensions, it’s designed to fit any tealight candle — and you’ll get one for free when you order online today! Cost: $17.00. Ships in 5 days or fewer.  https://www.getthingsprinted.com/product/floral-initial-candle-holder/

  1. Christmas Wishes Chrome Bottle Opener – Preprinted w/ Design

Get ready for all those upcoming holiday parties and get-togethers with this great bottle opener. Open a cold one in seasonal style with this chrome bottle opener, embellished with a festive “Christmas Wishes” design. Cost: $15.00. Ships in 5 days or fewer.  https://www.getthingsprinted.com/product/christmas-wishes-printed-chrome-bottle-opener/

  1. Halloween Coasters – 4-pc. – Printed Ceramic Coaster Set

Yep, Halloween is just around the corner, can you believe it? When the leaves start to change color, that means it is time to transition your interior decor and get ready for the new season. Get into the spooky spirit of autumn with this 4-piece set of Halloween coasters. Each set of the holiday-themed coasters features a different design and phrase, and all coaster designs are printed on authentic ceramic. Order yours today and you will have these great coasters shipped in 5 days or fewer — no tricks. Treat yourself and order a Halloween coaster set before they’re gone or order a set for someone special. Cost: $30.00. https://www.getthingsprinted.com/product/halloween-ceramic-coaster-set-of-4/

  1. Custom Printed Rectangular Cork Trivet

Protect your kitchen or dining room tables, while showing off your wedding date, or a unique quote from a favorite chef, or whatever you like with this rectangular trivet. It’s 11.75” by 7.9”. Ships in 5 days. Cost:  $21.00. https://www.getthingsprinted.com/product/rectangular-cork-trivet/


  1. It’s So Good to Be Home” Candle Holder

“It’s so good to be home,” sleek printed candle holder is a 2″x2″ frosted candle with one free tea-light included. Order one today for you or a close friend or someone you want to impress. Ships in 5 days or 24-hour rush service if you need it ASAP. Cost: $14.00. https://www.getthingsprinted.com/product/its-so-good-to-be-home-candle-holder/

  1. Heart Flower Frame Candle Holder

Now here’s something truly special for a close relative or BFF. Insert your photo in this heart flower shape design frame that sits inside a printed candle holder or add their photo and surprise them. It’s a 2″x2″ frosted candle holder with one free tea-light included. Cost: $14. Ships in 5 days. https://www.getthingsprinted.com/product/heart-flower-frame-candle-holder-copy/

  1. Custom Large Round Tin with English Butter Toffee and Dark Chocolate Almonds

Everyone’s happy to receive a customized gift of delicious snacks anytime. This large round tin is filled with appetizing English butter toffee and dark chocolate almonds to tempt anybody's tastebuds. Choose between custom stock designs or create your full-color memorable lid using photos and graphics unique to you and yours.

When the temperature reaches 75 degrees F. the item will ship in an insulated container with ice packs. The product will remain cool for 2 full days, so need to worry about anything. Expedited shipping is required for locations beyond a 2-day ground ship zone. The shipper also uses insulated cartons.  For insulated cartons, add $10.00 per carton. When cost-effective, a larger carton can be used add $15.00. Cost: $47.00. https://www.getthingsprinted.com/product/custom-large-round-tin-with-english-butter-toffee-dark-chocolate-almonds/


  1. Hearts of Hearts” Printed Lip Balm

Nothing says, “I am thinking about you,” better than a customized cosmetic like this “Hearts of Hearts” design printed on this cute little pot filled with 10 grams of heavenly vanilla-scented lip balm. Great for ladies to toss in their purses, nightstands, or cars. Also, good for men who go skiing or tend to have chapped lips. They can keep it in their cars, in the dashboard, or in a desk drawer at work. Super cute. Cost: $7.  Ships in 5 days. https://www.getthingsprinted.com/product/hearts-of-hearts-printed-lip-balm/

  1. Bless This Home” Printed 12″ Round Wooden Sign

Make your home look lived in and loved with this unique round faux-wood sign with a lovely, bordered rim surrounding its center and a 12″ diameter printed with a “Bless this Home,” design. It comes equipped with a recessed hole to make the mounting process easier than ever, so the custom printed piece will lay nearly flush without any additional effort. A great gift to give to yourself at the end of summer to usher in the cooler weather since you will be spending more time indoors. It also makes a wonderful, caring gift for someone special in your life like a friend or relative. Cost: $40.00. Ships in 5 days or fewer. https://www.getthingsprinted.com/product/bless-this-home-printed-12-round-wooden-sign/


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As summer winds down, do take the time to celebrate its end and welcome autumn and all that comes with it. Any of these terrific gifts can be personalized for great items for friends, family, and others on your list.

Order today and get what you need fast and efficiently through GetThingsPPrinter.com!