10 fun spring things and gifts to beat the Winter Blues

It happens to the best of us around this time every year it's called the winter blues.

You're tired of the cold weather, the clothes, and being stuck in the house (unless you live in a warm climate.)

Spring arrives on Sunday, March 20 bringing brighter, sunnier, and longer days. Yes, the winter season does have some perks however gloomy weather and cold temps can make you feel down.

Mood Swings

Whether you experience occasional mood changes or incur symptoms of seasonal affective disorder (also known as winter blues), there are many ways to boost happiness and find something to grin about.

Wondering how to beat the winter blues? Keep reading to discover 10 simple activities that'll bring you joy and boost your mood during the winter months.

Some things can make you feel better from fun springs gifts to other ways to beat the winter blues and make your days shine.

Play with Your Pet

Want to beat the winter blues fast? Play with your four-legged friends as they can be instant mood lifters and turn the ugliest days happier.

Purchase new toys, teach them new tricks, or simply cuddle and spend time with them longer. All your pets need is your love and attention, and in turn will make you forget about the winter blues, too. It can be a much-celebrated time for all!

You can also buy him/her several perfect gifts from a new leash, dog tag, or get yourself a new keychain and have your buddy's photo printed on it.

Spa Day at Home

On a winter day, why not enjoy a spa day at home, alone, or with your partner. You don't need expensive equipment or tools to pamper yourself. A simple bubble bath, a face mask, soothing music or a book, and a glass of your favorite beverage.

Set aside a couple of hours for yourself and give your body and mind a chance to rejuvenate. Spend the time quietly reading, doing a mani-pedi, your nails, doing your hair differently, or enjoying an aromatherapy session in your bedroom.

Do Some Journaling

Journaling is a healthy way to express what you feeling, and your emotions, as well as get rid of pent-up energy.

While you're writing be sure to have your favorite snack nearby for inspiration, too.

You can write about your day, feelings, or a why not let the words flow onto the page. Journaling can lift your mood, and inspire you to make life changes for the better.

Treat Yourself

Go on a shopping spree at the local mall or in your downtown area with boutiques. Or why not go online and buy yourself something personal and fun?

Cool Clothing

It's also a good time to buy spring clothes or have some personalized T-shirts printed upon with your favorite saying, photos, or pets.

Thinking about springtime and adding color to your life can be an excellent time to beat the winter blues.

Beating the Winter Blues

Don't worry we all get down in the dumps especially during the winter.

Whether you name it the winter blues or use the clinical term "Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)," the result is the same - we feel more anxious, lack energy, and are generally more moody than normal. According to WebMD, one in four of us will manifest the doldrums during the winter months.

If that describes you, here are more ways to overcome seasonal moodiness:

1. Get some sunshine.  In winter, the days are shorter, so there is less sunlight. It's also colder,  and we don't get out as often. However, it is important to soak up as many of the sun's rays as possible. Not only will sunlight help your mood, but the fresh air you breathe from being outdoors can also boost your mood.

2. Exercise. One way to enjoy the sun's benefits is to take a walk on a sunny day. Exercise is beneficial for many reasons, including promoting emotional well-being.

3. Stay Warm. Studies have shown colder weather leads to feelings of depression. It has also been shown staying warm can reduce the winter blues by as much as half.

So go ahead, and enjoy a hot drink such as tea or coffee, eat hot food, wear warm clothes and keep your home between 64 - 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Warm up by the fireplace if you have one.

4. Eat Healthily. It is not uncommon to pack on a few pounds during the winter months, but doing so reduces energy. The mood-lifting antidote - eat healthily. Balance your carbohydrate intake by eating plenty of fruits and vegetables.

5. Keep Healthy Relationships. When you feel down, you're likely to not want to associate with others. Resist those thoughts and ask friends over for coffee or a night out If you get an invitation to socialize, accept it. Spending time with friends will encourage you and maybe your buddies. 

6. Take a vacation to a warm place. If you have frequent flyer miles, the winter may be a good time to plan a trip to sunnier, warmer climates. A few days in a tropical environment can do lift emotional health.

7. Stay Busy. Try not to binge-watch TV on your face sofa; find other ways to occupy your time. Try a new hobby, read a good book, join a gym, or keep a journal.

8. Let Out Your Feelings. When depression hits, don't keep to yourself. Talking with a close friend or professional therapist can help. You will get a better perspective, so things don't seem so bad.

9. Splurge Even More. Go ahead and splurge and purchase a "present" for yourself. Maybe a new outfit, a nice dinner at your favorite eatery, a day at the spa, a super snack, r whatever makes you happy. Even something inexpensive can do elevate your mood.

10. Talk to a Professional. Speak with your doctor about antidepressants If you try all the other tips above but still feel depressed, antidepressants may help. It may be worth talking with your doctor about whether such therapy might be right for you.

Good-Bye Winter Blues

In the end, it's all up to you to pull yourself out of the winter blues be it a new toy, a day at the spa, playing with your pet, eating your favorite chocolate, or spending a tie with a loved one.

Before you know it, spring will arrive and with it all the hope, joy, and better days ahead when you can get outdoors and enjoy life and all it has o offer!