10 Custom Gifts Fathers Will Love for Father’s Day

10 Custom Gifts Fathers Will Love for Father’s Day




He’s been there for you through thick and then like the time you smashed up his car or when you needed a loan to buy your first home.


Your dad is a special person and therefore should be treated as such when Father’s Day officially arrives on Sunday, June 16.


Of course, Father's Day is a day of honoring fatherhood and other paternal bonds, as well as the influence of dads in general.

According to the history books, in Catholic countries of Europe, Father's Day has been celebrated on 19 March as Saint Joseph's Day since the Middle Ages.

However, in America, Father's Day was founded by Sonora Smart Dodd and has been celebrated on the third Sunday of June since 1910.

The day is held on various dates around the world and many regions have their own traditions of honoring fatherhood.


Get Up, Get Moving

So, if you’ve been locked in and locked down for the past year and a half due to the pandemic and need a gift you’re in luck.


Get Things Printed, founded in 2009, has a variety of unique items — from key chains and wine sets to golf balls, novelty items, pens, tech items, tools, lighters, AirPod cases, phone cases, bottle openers, and so much more — to honor your dad and surprise him with the best-personalized gift he’s ever received.



Here are 10 gifts you may want to consider when shopping for a Father’s Day gift for your dad this year:


  1. How about a custom faux leather wine set he can serve guests when he’s entertaining at home? This faux leather wine set is sure to impress his buddies when he’s hosting a party and serving wine. Whether he likes Red or White this gift will come in handy. He can open and keep a bottle of any of his favorite wines fresh with its three pieces: a winged corkscrew, bottle stopper, and foil cutter. You can choose what you want to be printed on the box with any special message, personalization, or colorful image.


  1. How about a cool faux wood plaque that says whatever you want to say to dad like: “Here’s to the Best Dad on the Planet” or “My Dad is the Greatest.” He can put it someplace special where he can see it daily. You’ll be stoked knowing he is looking at this special gift every day and he will also revel in sharing the plaque with whoever comes into his office or special space.


  1. Maybe a custom photo frame you can put your photo in or the entire family? He can show it off on his work desk or even his home office to remember what a great kid he has. Check out all the shapes and sizes and textures! Why settle for an ordinary store-bought frame when you can get dad this special custom frame?


  1. Is dad a chocolate lover? This custom keepsake gift tin filled to the brim with dark chocolate almonds will certainly make him smile and satisfy his sweet tooth. You can share your love with this custom gift tin — choose from one of the custom stock designs or create your own — and add a photo or custom design. Everybody loves chocolate and surely your dad does, too. He can sneak in a few treats in between watching his favorite TV show or when he's working and needs a break.


  1. If he’s a peppermint lover dad might love this keepsake gift tin filled with peppermint bark to enjoy on a warm day and cool off. Add a family photo on the lid and make it super personal for dear old dad. The tin is great because it looks nice especially after you personalize but it also will keep snacks fresh.


  1. Does he need a special kind of memory? This lovely printed large round pendant can be customized to keep cherished memories close. It can be attached to any beaded chain, a keychain, or a neck chain. Made from AL plated silver with a gloss finish, it features silver-plated, nickel-free bezels. A great memento dad will cherish for years to come. Isn’t it time for the old key chain that he’s been using forever to be retired and replaced with something cool?
  2. Another nice gift is this chrome bottle opener dad will love when he decides to open a cold beer or his favorite cocktail as it makes opening a beverage hassle-free. Top of FormHe can skip going into mom’s kitchen scrounging around for the bottle opener. Instead, he’ll have his own that he can keep in a special place for when he needs it.


  1. These custom canvas magnets are fun and great for personalizing your message, quote, or little saying that may have a special meaning between you and dad. Add photos, artwork, or whatever you like. Dad can put these magnets anyplace he likes from his own space in his office or on the fridge door so he can look at them every day and rejoice at such a great Father’s Day gift.



  1. Coasters are always great for summertime and can come in handy when dad watches TV, sits in the yard, or anytime he needs to set his drink down without ruining mom’s furniture. These custom round 4-inch cork sets are a great gift. Go ahead and design a set for dad and say cheers! Dad will be happy, and mom will be too now that he has something to place his cold drink on all summer long.



  1. Custom hardcover notebook is a one-of-a-kind gift dad will love and treasure forever. The classic hardcover notebook has rounded corners containing 192 pages of lined ivory-colored paper and is complete with a color-matched ribbon bookmark and elastic closure. He can keep it by his bedside and read or rehash what’s on its pages. A great gift like no other, and unlike the one found last minute at the local mall.



When you want something special, something custom, and totally unique, any of these 10 Father’s Day gifts will no doubt put a smile on dad’s face, and yours, too, when you see how happy he is after opening them on this special holiday.