What are the Best Custom and Personalized Christmas Gifts?

It may seem far away, but the holiday season is upon us and that means it's time to start thinking about the perfect gift (s) to buy for those on your list.

This year consider personalized gifts as these can be some of the most memorable and they come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and more. Add custom messages, use favorite photos for the gift recipient and you'll be the star of the season once they unwrap them!

What is a Personalized Gift?

Personalized gifts are a great idea for any occasion like weddings, holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and other events.

Need something for a colleague from the office? A buddy from college? Dog or cat? Here are some of the best custom gifts and personalized items that offer a personal touch for this year's holiday shopping season.

Fun, Custom Dog Socks

What could be a more special gift than a pair of socks depicting someone's likeness? Or, better yet, the likeness of someone they adore?  DivvyUp is one of the simplest services to utilize for a great gift. Simply upload an image of your beloved, pick a shade, and within a few days, you'll receive a pair of customizable gifts in the form of socks. Depending on your intent, the service can take anywhere between two and four business days.

Personalized Christmas Stockings

If the person you're buying gifts for has recently purchased their first house or is new to having children, consider giving them a set of Christmas stockings for the entire family!

Neat Gift Wrapping Paper

Make them laugh when receiving a present wrapped with their face emblazoned on it!

Awesome Christmas Ornaments

They'll enjoy this personalized Christmas wooden tree ornament if they're happy in their current home or just recently relocated.

Personalized pet ornaments are a fun option and make for a terrific family Christmas ornament for those who collect them.


Elf Sweaters!

If you want to buy an ugly Christmas sweater for someone but don't want them to wear one that says "Santa Claus" or something else too risque, then get friends or relatives this funny, custom Elf Yourself sweater instead and make some favorite memories.

Paper and Decor Gift Ideas for Every Occasion

If you're looking for something special for someone who likes lists, journals, planners, or diaries, then look no further than this beautiful hardcover notebook from Papier.

Custom Book Embosser

If you want to give someone a trendy and useful present, get them an embossing pen. You can personalize the design to suit their personality and they’ll be able to use it to write notes inside their books.

Music Memories

Personalize a custom vinyl record for someone special by printing their name and date on the front cover.

Holiday Cards

Minted holiday cards are beautiful and affordable. If you're searching for high-end holiday cards, Minted offers custom designs at affordable prices. They've recently added a new feature called "Minted Webs," which allows people who receive your card to view additional content by scanning a QR code.

Pet Stuff

You can place photos of yourself or family members on mugs, plates, coasters, keychains, and more .. so why not pets?

Carrying Tote

The person on your gift list probably has a couple of totes already, but they might not have a unique one. For that, you’ll want to provide them with a tote with a monograph. The L.L Bean Boat and Tote are amongst some favorites because of their sturdy fabric and tight stitching that can stand up to loads of up to 500 pounds.  You can also customize the size (small, big, small, or huge), color (seven colors, such as deep mulberry and Regata blue), and handle style (long or regular). L.L Bean now provides a completely monochrome bag – the handle and the body match – a particularly contemporary upgrade from the old-fashioned contrasting handle.

Personalized Night Sky Print

A personalized sky map that shows the exact position of the stars on the night of their birth, wedding, graduation, etc., makes an amazing present, not only because of its astronomical beauty but also because of the personal meaning it holds for the person receiving it. You can also add messages, names, dates, locations, and so forth to create a customized message that matches the occasion.

Customized Team Clothing

Whether you're gifting an MLBshop.com Custom Roster Tee to a youngster or a youthful fan, this is the kind of personal gift that's certain to be a home run. There's something special regarding a super fan getting their last names on an officially licensed T-shirt celebrating their favorite team.

A Plush and Personalized Robe

With its soft fleece lining and cozy hood, this robe from L.L.Beans is perfect for chilly winter days. It’s available in sizes 3T–18 years.

If you're looking to give a present to someone who likes cozy over fancy, consider giving them a personalized fleece like from L.L.Beans. They come in adult sizes and kid sizes, and you can customize them with up to 10 characters.

Personalized Family Mugs

You can find countless ways to make custom mugs. For example, you could print out images of their favorite people onto paper and then cut them out. Then glue those pictures into place on a cup. Or, if you're feeling crafty, you could draw designs directly onto the surface of a glass jar. Just remember to keep things simple so that the final product doesn't end up being too busy. Voila! personalized photo gifts!

Formal Dog Portrait

When it comes to custom pet canvases, Crown & Paw has created some truly thoughtful gifts. They've captured many dogs' personalities and made them look like they're part of a royal family.

Groovy Drinking Straw

For the kid who loves to drink out of a cup, a flexible plastic drinking tube can make a great present. Krazy Sticks lets you personalize the names of your recipients and choose from among several transparent and opaque colors.

Cooking Favorites

Pinhole Press offers an easy-to-use interface to upload images, ingredients, and instructions. The finished, hardback cookbooks come out beautifully and are perfect for sharing family recipes among friends. You can also customize the design of cookbooks, so you can create something unique for yourself or someone else, or even as a wedding gift!

Jewelry with Meaning

Customized jewelry gifts are a fun option and so easy to make and are terrific gifts for women! Choose a favorite gemstone or two, then select a length of chain to match. You can also add a personal message to each piece, such as "Happy Birthday" or "I Love You." A great gift idea for any occasion, these personalized jewelry items make thoughtful presents for friends and family members.

Customized Sandals

Durable and adorable custom Chaco sandals are loved for their versatility and comfort. They're perfect for everyday wear, but they're also ideal for hiking, camping, and running errands. You can customize the look of Chaco sandals by choosing from a variety of colors, patterns, and designs.

Monogrammed Bag

It's hard to beat the Cuyana Classic structured leather tote for versatility and style. It has an incredibly soft leather exterior and a spacious interior. You can customize it by choosing from eight color options. If you want to personalize it further, you can choose between three sizes of initials.

Custom Money Holder

If you want to give someone something truly unique, consider gifting them a personalized thin bifold Leatherology travel card holder. It's not just any old thin bifold; it has a subtle debossing effect on the front and back sides of the card slot, which makes it stand out from the crowd. And because it comes in many different colors and styles, there are plenty of customizable options to explore for anyone.

Book with Photos

If you're looking for ideas for unique holiday presents, and for special memories consider giving a mix of old photos and new ones. You could create an album of family snapshots from years gone by, or compile some of your favorite travel shots into a keepsake that you can share with friends and relatives. Or maybe you'd rather give something completely different, like a set of prints featuring their dog's latest antics. Whatever you choose, there are plenty of ways to personalize a gift that will last long after the season has passed.

Lovely Laptop Sleeves

If you're shopping around for a professional laptop bag to give as a memorable gift, consider buying them one of these stylish laptop sleeves. These pouches withstand rain and scratches, and you can add a personalized message inside to make the present even better. For an extra $10, you can also include the recipient's initials in any style, including blind, which means no color is used. Adding a name or logo costs $15 per letter.

Customizable Stationery

Epistolary communication is still better than email, texting, and Snapchats for grace, style, or posterity. The problem with custom stationery is that it can cost a lot of money. Your correspondent will love this high-end set from Joy Creative Shop. You get to choose from a wide range of colors for the envelopes and 28 shades (and three font styles) for the body copy. The 110-pound paper stock feels substantial and has a slightly textured surface, and the printing is clear and consistent, without any blips or errors.

Snazzy Shoes

At the time of publication, these were the best-selling shoes and a cool gift for men. These Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star shoes come in an array of different styles and colors, so you can pick one that suits their style. They're comfortable too - they won't hurt feet after wearing them for hours on end.

Top Tracker

For those people who've misplaced their phone, wallet, or bag, a Bluetooth tracking device can help them get it back. The Apple AirTag can be customized with up to four character messages or emojis when you place your purchase. Choose between a key ring attachment or an adhesive backing so they can stick it anywhere. Great gifts for women, gifts for men, or even gifts for couples. Easy to set up and use, especially if they're someone who often misplaces things.

Whatever gift (s) you decide on do make sure it's personalized to make them even more special for those on your list this holiday season.