Hats and accessories to customize for summer

Besides sitting in the shade this summer there are other ways to shield yourself from the summer elements — sun, heat, humidity, summer rains and that's with hats and accessories.

Of course, there are plenty to choose from at any local mall or online but in addition, there's also those from a customized printer.

But before we get to that option, most sporting goods manufacturers offer all sorts of hats and other accessories for consumers who want to keep cool.

For instance, Nike has hats designed for runners who jog, run marathons, etc. on trails, roads, or tracks. But doing so could be risky as a runner could come face-to-face with heat, rain, sun.

So a hat can certainly help protect ears from the cold, as well as offer sun protection, stave off sweat or keep dry in rainy conditions.

A running hat also completes an everyday training/running/exercise outfit. Here's more about Nike running hats and how to find the right one for your situation.

Source: nike.com

5 Types of Nikes Running Hats

Caps: Nike running caps are lightweight and designed with a bill to shield the face from harsh weather elements. Caps come in a variety of styles and designs, including options that feature Nike logos, sports teams, or prints.

Headbands: Nike headbands are made for nippy days that call for protecting the ears from the cold or the morning chill in the summer. For runners who like to wear their hair up, running headbands won't get in the way of a hairstyle.

Beanies: Nike beanies are meant for winter weather. Some, like the Nike Utility Trail Running Beanie, come with a fuzzy liner for extra warmth.

Bucket hats: Not the typical running hat style, Nike bucket hats have a brim that surrounds the head, shading the back of the neck for extra sun protection, hence why the surtitle is called bucket. The Nike Dri-FIT Perforated Running Bucket Hat is made with an adjustable cord at the back so runners can cinch down the fit. Bucket hats work for post-run events, too.

Visors: Nike visors are extra breathable and lightweight, great for the hottest days.

Source: nike.com

What to Look for in a Running Hat

Moisture control: For runners who tend to sweat heavily, opt for a hat with moisture-wicking properties. For example, Nike Dri-FIT hats are engineered to disperse moisture across the surface of the fabric for quick evaporation, so the head stays dry.

Ventilation: Keep cool even when the run heats up by choosing a hat with a ventilated design for better airflow and circulation. Some Nike running hats, like the Nike Dri-FIT Aerobill Featherlight, feature perforations throughout the cap for breathability. If you want even less fabric, choose the Nike running visor.

Adjustability: Fit is important for comfort — it’s also key to make sure the hat stays in place but isn’t too tight. Choose an adjustable running cap so you can also customize the fit.

Reflectivity: For running at night or early in the morning, look for a reflective hat that will up your visibility to drivers or cyclists on the road. Add a reflective hat to a reflective top, vest, or leggings for extra safety.

Sun protection: To shade your eyes and face from the sun, opt for a hat with a wide brim. For added sun protection and glare reduction, check out Nike running sunglasses.

Warmth: For winter runs, a regular running cap might not be enough for you. Choose a hat that is soft and warm, like a Nike running beanie, and pair it with other cold weather running accessories, like gloves or running sleeves.

Sustainable materials: Consider choosing a hat made with sustainable materials. Nike has several styles of running hats made with at least 50 percent recycled polyester fibers, which are made from plastic bottles that are cleaned, made into flakes, changed into pellets, and then made into a high-quality yarn.

Style: For runners who feel dressing the part helps to create a more motivated and positive mindset, let your running hat offer some flair to your everyday training clothing. Find a style that feels uniquely you and makes you feel confident at the same time.

Nike hats as well as those from other sporting goods makers as well as designers, come in a variety of styles and colors so you can choose one that best fits your look.

Source: nike.com

The Best Hats for Summer

Since it's summertime, you'll want to shop for lightweight hats, made with cotton and high-performance dri fabrics, and sun hats.

If you find what you want and would like it to be unique just to you, you can easily add a custom embroidered logo to create a cool hat for your business or next group event.

Custom Embroidered Summer Hats

Add custom embroidery to your summer hats to create unique uniform hats, trade show giveaways, or custom hats for special events. All types of hats can be embroidered with a design of your choice when you connect with the right printing company such as GetThingsPrinted.com

Custom Trucker Hats

Be fun and add your company logo to any Trucker Hat to create custom hats for your business or next event and make the day special.

Opt for High-Quality Custom Hats

Custom hats are the perfect accessory for corporate outings, sports games, community events, brand building, and other major events or functions from fitted hats, beanies, dad caps, snapbacks, custom trucker hats, bucket hats, and custom baseball caps, and visors. Some of the popular styles today include snapbacks, Velcro caps, and buckle back.

With so many options, you're sure to discover the best type of custom logo hats for your team, business, event, etc.

Finding the Perfect Customized Hats

You can also choose from several custom baseball caps styles available, add your logo and you've got a great accessory and a way to shield yourself this summer.

Custom hats aren't limited to baseball and group sports, so why not design custom golf hats or custom visors?

Enjoy the other custom possibilities with twill caps, low crown visors, dry visors, golf hats, and mesh back caps. These all-offer comfort and function for long, leisurely days out on the green.

Source: logosoftwear.com

Time to Order

Knit, baseball, bucket, or visors, be sure you make your hat customized to show your special style this summer while protecting your head from the elements! 

Ready to create your company logo hats and more? Pick a hat style and start designing your custom hats with the help of GetThingsPrinted.com