Best gifts to customize with monogramming Printing

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone special in your life you should consider monogramming an item to make it stand out from the same old, same old.

Whether it’s a monogrammed pair of socks, a baseball cap, or a shirt, monogramming is hotter than ever and it makes the perfect gift.

Most printing companies have monogram abilities so it shouldn't be hard to find what you need to create a special gift with the personal touch of a monogram.


Monogram styles add a timeless, luxurious touch to an ordinary gift. With monogramming, you can add it to thousands of gifts for men, women, babies, and kids. Isn't it time you discovered monogrammed gifts for any occasion?

Here are some custom gift ideas you can add a monogram:

  • Socks 
  • Tote Bags
  • Personalized fan gear of their favorite teams.
  • A plush and personalized robe.
  • Drinkware 
  • A formal pet portrait.
  • Keychains
  • A recipe book of favorites.
  • A bracelet. 
  • A monogrammed purse.
  • A monogrammed money holder.
  • A monogrammed laptop case.
  • Stationery with monogram.

The Easiest One-of-a-Kind Gifts Are Monogrammed

Personalized gifts are those you can buy online and have monogrammed, like tea towels, turtleneck sweaters, duffel bags, and/or other sweet gifts.

Personalization like adding classic monogrammed items or simple monogram items makes even the simplest gifts feel unique.

Be creative and add a monogram to just about anything from pajamas to necklaces, denim jackets, beanies, throws, and slippers.

Other items that make a nice touch once monogrammed could include:

  • A monogrammed mug. 
  • A monogrammed passport cover.
  • A ceramic bowl with their pet's name on it.
  • A stylish monogrammed notebook.
  • A monogrammed or etched candle.
  • A set of monogrammed coasters 
  • A monogrammed leather cardholder.
  • kitchen trivet that's been monogrammed for the chef in your life.
  • Bath towels that are embroidered with a monogram or special wording.

Show You Care

Whether you want a gift monogrammed, custom-made, or just want to add a touch of personalization any of these gifts will show your recipient how much you care.

The easiest way to give beautiful gifts anytime — birthday, anniversary, baby shower, wedding — is to give it a personal touch by putting a monogram on them.

Have fun, be creative and give the gift of a lifetime to someone you truly care about and want to make a lasting impression.

Simply put: Mark it with a monogram

 buying for a resolute monogram lover or searching for the perfect way to make a simple gift feel special, a touch of customization is a thoughtful way to show everyone on your list that you care.

Gift shopping is all about being thoughtful, which means the more personalized you go, the better. Monograms, portraits, astrological signs, you name it—it doesn't matter how you customize it, all that matters is if you've picked out something they'll love that is unique to them.

From personalized jewelry and monogrammed mugs to monogrammed serving trays and even a custom planter made to look like their cat, there's something for everyone (seriously, everyone—Mom, Dad, your BFF, your partner, the list goes on) on this list.

What's more personal than a framed photo? Pick one of your favorite snaps and choose from the assortment of frames for a gift they're sure to treasure. The pricing of frames varies by size.

What Is a Monogram?

A monogram represents an individual or a couple through initials in the person's first, middle, and last names. There are many ways to create a custom monogram, depending on your personal preference or traditional monogramming etiquette.

Single Initial Monograms - can incorporate a person's first or last name, or a couple's shared the last name.

Two Letter Monograms - can represent a person's first and last name, a couple's first names, or different last names.

Three Letter Monograms - can denote a person's first, middle, and last name, or a couple's first names and their shared last name.

Four Letter Monograms - are best suited for couples with different last names, incorporating each person's first and last name.


Couple Monograms

Couple monograms can incorporate a couple's married last name, first names, or different last names in several creative ways. You can also add a dash, a plus sign, or ampersand, where appropriate, for a modern touch.

Single Initial - married the last name

Two Initial - first names or different last names

Three Initial - Raised - wife's first, married last name, husband first

Four Initial - Raised - first names with raised last names in the middle


Find Your Monogram Style

…. different monogram styles, from classic, elegant, and elaborate to modern, sophisticated, and simple designs.

The monogram style that you choose might depend on the specific item you're personalizing and the initials you plan on incorporating in the design. Some monogram designs include a border to make the letters stand out, while others rely on the font style to create their unique look. The possibilities are endless!

Everyone loves a monogram. It's special; it's personal; it's luxurious. For the thoughtful gift-giver, it's that extra touch that elevates an item from “fine” to “spectacular.” For the picky consumer, it's an inexpensive way to make an item feel tailor-made to your sensibility.

Of course, it helps to think creatively. When it comes to monogramming, don't limit yourself to your name or initials. How about a nickname? Or an aspirational nickname?

The best way to ensure that they never mix up their keys with anyone else's (yours, even) is by attaching them to a leather keychain, stamped with their name, initials, or any mix of 10 characters.

Turn an important day in history into a 500-piece puzzle to help your history buff or sports fan take a trip back in time. Pick any date going back to 1851, whether it's his birthday, your anniversary, or a major moment that moved the needle.

Fill the 20 to 40 pages in this book with photos of the people, places, or special memories and use them as a teaching moment for your little one. Along with each photo, there's a space to write a short descriptor, encouraging them to interact with whatever they see.